The latest from Joey (the dog formerly known as Manny)

Joey (aka Manny) the abondened dog is enjoying his stay at our 'doggie spa' - See picture :)
He seems very tired or sad..not sure. We know for sure now that the person that is his registered owner doesn't want him. After two days of desperately trying to get a hold of her, I got a less than charming e-mail (at least a reply!) telling me to do what I want with him. 
Well, that is just lovely.
Can't judge the person, they might be in some kind of serious trouble (hope not!) and I will just have to let it go. All that counts now is to find the dog a caring and loving home. Which might be right here, or somewhere else. We will make the decision this week. For now we will take good care of him and let him rest and recover.

So many people shared their concerns and thoughts about Manny with me through Craigslist and I appreciated every single message. It shows me how much people do care and it gives me hope.

All the emotions and tears from the last few days should make for some strong paintings in the future.



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