We have a guest in our house!!

He was wandering around the park and he decided to join me for a while when I was jogging. I took him to the vet and they found a micro chip. His name is Manny (does not look like a Manny!) Bummer is the person who seems to be the owner lives on the other end of town and does not appear to care too much. @^%#$%$#^%$#!!!
He is hanging out with Emily (our dog) right now, they are both napping. Go figure!
Will head out and hang some posters, as it almost appears he might have been a guest in someone's house close to the park. Worth a try. Since he is such a charmer, a customer at the vet already offered to take him, they got in contact with me and offered him a good home (with 4 other dogs on 4 acres. Not bad!!). What a wonderful person!!  


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