Abstract mixed media art
Tina grew up in a small town in Germany and spent a lot of her early childhood with her Oma (grandma), a quiet seamstress who introduced her to the importance of creating with your own hands and the joy of art and craft projects. Together, they would spend many hours in Oma's kitchen, one of them sewing, and the other with brush and pencil in hand.

"Painting was my first love."

Trained in architectural drafting and digital design, Tina moved to the US in 1999, took classes at the Denver Art Museum and the Art Institute of Colorado and showed her abstract paintings in juried group shows, coffee shops & libraries.

She displayed solo shows through the City of Aurora fine Arts program, the NationalCenter for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, and at NEXT gallery in Denver.

After moving to the Oregon coast, she learned to make Sterling Silver jewelry and shifted her creative focus for 10 years before slowly and quietly coming back full circle to her first love - attending art courses, experimenting with new techniques, drawing and painting in her home studio in Otter Rock, OR.

Her playful paintings invite you to pause and ask "what lies beneath?"...to take a closer look and discover dense layers, imperfections, expressive texture, organic details and weathered surfaces - They reflect Tina's love for fine and simple things and for her surroundings, her childlike curiosity and joy for everyday life. She hopes to share and express a little piece of herself and to engage and connect with the viewer.




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Abstract mixed media art by Tina Will, Otter Rock, Oregon

 Tina Will • Otter Rock, OR
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